What a mess!

 What is Mike up to now?

My 813 Linear Amplifier Project

Actually this rig came back to haunt me. You see when I was in high school, I was a member of an Explorer post that was into Amateur Radio. There was a big room full of WWII surplus gear. This particular rig was our "pet" project. However we were having too much fun going "camping", (Gee whose rig are we gonna bring? What kind of antennas are we gonna use? -- Tents? Food? Aww just bring what you can find!) we never finished it. That was over thirty years ago. One day my old Scoutmaster called me up (K8OVP) and told me that he still had this rig sitting in his garage,(since the Explorer post has since dis-banded) and would I be interested in it. Of course I said "YES!!"

813 linear amplifier

Right now, this project is still under construction. So this only goes as far as I have on this project. Please stop back in a couple of months to see the progress I have made.

-- Mike